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This has been the ride of my life, but the most important part of the journey is happening right now. Since starting this project in late 2016 I have not asked for one cent to help fund this project, mostly out of pride and my own naivety. But to finish the job and to get Mike Hosty’s story out to the world, I need to secure distribution. And that will require securing final rights, legal and insurance. This could very well cost more than the entire budget of the film to this point. I now realize that I cannot do all of this alone.
Hourglass24 has chosen OKLAHOMA BREAKDOWN to highlight and help raise funds to cross the finish line. On May 25th, we raised $9,000 in 24 hours, but we still are well short of the goal of $24,000. Any funds that happen to exceed these expenses will be put straight back into the film, including the marketing of it, which is where most movies fall short.
If donating (below) is something you can do, that means everything.

Any donation helps, but here are some rewards for your generosity:

*includes Tshirt and signed Poster

$25 Name in the Final Credits

$50 Oklahoma Breakdown Bumper Sticker

$100  Oklahoma Breakdown 11×17 Poster 

$250  Oklahoma Breakdown T-Shirt (S-XXXL) 

$500  T-shirt and signed 11×17 Poster by Director and Mike Hosty

$750  Private Zoom Screening of the Film + Director Q/A

$1000  Mike Hosty will record a personal song for you*

$2500  Associate Producer Credit*

$5000  Co-Producer Credit*

$7500  DIRECTOR’S CUT: Private screening at your house with the Director*

$10,000  AWARD NOMINEE: Executive Producer Credit*

$15,000  AUDIENCE CHOICE: Private Screening + Mike Hosty concert at your house* 

$30,000  BEST DIRECTOR: Mike Hosty and Chris Wiser perform a private Trio show + Executive Producer Credit*

$50,000  GRAND PRIZE: Brand Sponsorship – Company Logo at Start of Film, Company Credit and Logo on the Movie Poster, Executive Producer


Thank you so much for believing in this project!
 – Christopher Fitzpatrick